Our Showroom and Shop are located in Bend Oregon at
63065 Sherman Road

Phone: (541) 317-1271     Fax: (541) 317-0640
E-mail: Stan@startronics-solar.com

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Recycling nature's light is what we do!

Owner Stan Bassford

Solar Shed Light
The perfect light for your back yard storage shed

Startronics Solar Lighting manufactures a unique family of reliable, compact and self contained solar powered lighting products valued throughout the world.
Using the latest advances in extremely efficient LED (Light emitting diode) technology and compact fluorescent lighting, our products can provide reliable and inexpensive illumination for many years of trouble free service.

Currently at our shop we design and manufacture lighting systems for;
Restrooms, Backyard, Sheds, Barns, Signs, Transit Shelters, Mailbox Structures, Storage Containers, Cabins, Utility Closets, Security/Emergency backup, Expeditions, Outdoor Area, Recreational Vehicles, and Boats

Self Charging Portable Restroom Lighting System

As your Authorized Kyocera Solar Inc. Dealer, we can provide a quote on a system to meet your needs, or supply photovoltaic system components from a complete line. Please contact us first when considering a solar electric system.