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 Bend, OR 97701
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Full Service Marketing Plan For Your Home

Our Full Service “PLUS” Marketing:

  • Custom Marketing Strategy,
  • Assist In Pricing & Comparables,
  • Listing Forms & Disclosures,
  • High Quality Signs & directionals,
  • Full Color In-home Flyers,
  • 24-Hour Toll Free Marketing,
  • Cable Advertising
  • Real Estate Magazine Ads,
  • Newspaper Ads,
  • Internet—Ads in 7 to 8 Sites:

1. Zero To Sell Estate Website,
2. (MLS Option)
5. Living
6. Yahoo
8. Home

  • Optional Multiple Listing Service,
  • Track All Inquiries,
  • Respond To All Inquiries,
  • Report Results of Inquiries,
  • Pre-qualify Buyers -Including Limited Background Check,
  • Provide Financing Options
    (Including 100% Financing)
  • Show Property To Buyers,
  • Help With Negotiations, Offers and Counter Offers,
  • Assist With Inspections,
  • Appraisals and Requirements,
  • Open Escrow,
  • Be With You At Closing

Please note: Not all of the above may be suitable
for all listings. Each property has a custom marketing
program to fit the client needs.

Sell Your Home For Thousands Less!

How Much Of Your Hard Earned Money Do You Want To Spend To Sell Your Home?

Our 2% Program– Full Service is two percent of the sales price for your home. We will find the buyer for your home, do all the marketing and paperwork and you don’t pay us anything unless we sell your home.

The Zero To Sell Program - Let us help you purchase your next home of equal or greater value, paying a “co-op” commission of at least 2.75% and receive a commission credit equal to the low 2% fee paid for selling your home.

MLS Optional— (All you pay is the negotiable amount “you” elect to pay MLS [if you choose to be in MLS]) In house sales are subject to the MLS commission.

(Subject to certain conditions, see full disclosure).


“We Saved Over $9,000.
 We sold our home and it cost us... ‘NOTHING’”.

 Mike & Debbie

“We sold our home in less than 3 weeks
and saved over $14,800
in real estate commissions.”
Mindy & Cory.

“I saved over $18,000
and sold my home in less than a month.
This Zero To Sell Program Really worked.” Leonard & Shauna