US Mailboxes

Po Box 1566

Redmond, Oregon 97756

Phone/Fax:  (541) 389-4928

We sell secure mailboxes for the best protection against
Vandalism, Mail Theft, and Identity Theft.

We are a US Postal Service approved group Cluster Box Units provider (CBUs).

We have installed thousands of CBUs including fabrication of USPS specified concrete pads,
and will give installation consultation.

We offer installation quotes in select areas of Oregon and central California.

We also give additional discounts on large projects.

USMailboxes is committed to continuing the values of maintaining a high quality service
in a prompt and timely manner.  -
Michael G. Johnston, President

We have been doing business for the US Postal Service,
doing installations of group mailboxes since May of 1983.
We have installed literally thousands of mailboxes and
concrete pads for the US Postal Service.  At various times
we have been under contract by the USPS to install mailboxes
in nearly every area of California, Oregon, and Washington.

We meet all U.S. Postal Service and State requirements for licensing, bonding, and
workers compensation insurance.

If you would like any references, please let us know.
We look forward to hearing from you and would
appreciate your choosing USMailboxes for your
mailbox needs. If you have any other questions,
please give us a call.

We can supply single locking mailboxes for security from
mail and identity theft.

They are made strong and sturdy
to be vandal resistant.

We have a wide selection of boxes to
meet the practical and unique
requirements of most homeowners
mailbox needs.

Our 20 plus years of experience with the U.S. Postal Service has
helped us to gather the best locking mailboxes available. 

All of our group pedestal mailboxes are
front loading and front retrieval systems.

Group mailboxes offer some things that individual
mailboxes cannot due to their design
one is secure outgoing mail, and another is
parcel locker compartments.

All group mailboxes must have USPS approval
for change of delivery mode and location of group mailbox.

On a per customer / tenant basis, group mailboxes are far less expensive than individual mailboxes!

Each CBU has 8, 12, 16, or 13 (large) customer compartments and one secure outgoing,
as well as one or two parcel locker compartment(s).

USMailboxes can provide a wide selection of group mailboxes
including three series of Cluster Box Units (CBUs). 

We also have a unique group box called the Post Mount Horizontal.
It is a box that use a USPS approved Horizontal group mailboxes and
installs them in a stand alone housing.  It can serve 1 to 5 tenants.